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Clinical Resources

Pressure Management

  1. Pressure Management Resources

Postural Management

  1. Postural Management Resources
  2. An A-Z of Postural Care from Kent University (Booklet and Questionnaire)

Clinical Practice Guidelines

  1. Clinical Practice Guidelines for Spinal Cord Injury(US)
  2. Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality - Evidence-based Practice - formerly ACHPR
  3. Health Services/Technology Assessment Text (HSTAT)
  4. Functional Outcomes
  5. Guidelines for Wheelchair Prescription for Adults with Brain Injury and Spinal Cord Injury (New South Wales)
  6. A Clinical Application Guide to Standardized Wheelchair Seating Measures & Support Surfaces (Rev 2013) 

Rehabilitation Engineering and Assistive Technology Society of North America Position Papers

    Outcome Measures

    1. Sunny Hill SPCM: Seated Postural Control Measure SPCM (Research Version)
    2. Dalhousie Wheelchair Skills Test
    3. Power Mobility Community Driving Assessment
    4. COPM: Canadian Occupational Performance Measure
    5. Functioning Everyday with a Wheelchair (FEW)Seating-Mobility Outcomes Measure
    6. Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality - Outcomes Effectiveness - formerly ACHPR
    7. Current information about clinical research studies

    Seating Programs / Services

    1. Sunny Hill Positioning and Mobility Team (P.M.T.)
    2. Ranchos Rehabilitation Engineering Program
    3. Tayside Rehabilitation Engineering Centre
    4. University of Washington Medical Clinic
    5. Bloorview MacMillan Seating Team
    6. Scottish Scottish Posture and Mobility Network
    7. UK Posture and Mobility Group (PMG)
    8. Seating To Go New Zealand
    9. SeatTech Ireland
    Last Updated: May 31, 2021