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Pressure Management

Systematic Reviews

  1. Support surfaces for pressure ulcer prevention (Cochrane Review)
  2. Support Surfaces for Treating Pressure Ulcers (Cochrane Review)
  3. Risk Assessment Tools for the Prevention of Pressure Ulcers (Cochrane Review)
  4. Cochrane Wounds Group Reviews (Cochrane Review)


  1. BEST PRACTICE RECOMMENDATIONS for the Prevention and Management of Pressure Injuries
  2. The National Pressure Injury Advisory Panel
  3. Tissue Viability Online - NHS Quality Tools
  4. NICE Pressure Mangement Pathways (UK)
  5. NICE Pathways and Guidelines for Pressure Ulcers Prevention and Mangement (UK)
  6. European Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel - Pressure Ulcer Prevention Guidelines
  7. European Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel - Pressure Ulcer Treatment Guidelines
  8. Search HubMed for Pressure Sore Practice Guidelines
  9. Search National Guideline Clearinghouse for Pressure Sore
  10. Clinical Guidlelines for the Use of Interface Pressure Mapping for Seating


  1. Tissue Viability

Learning Resources

  1. Pressure Ulcer Training Modules,  National Database of Nursing Quality Indicators Website (US)

General Information

  1. Preventing & Treating Pressure Sores: Guide from SCI Ontario
  2. Skin & Wound Resources, CL'cK - Connecting Learners with Knowledge


  1. Canadian Association of Wound Care
  2. Australian Wound Management Association
  3. Clinical Practice Guideline 3rd Edition published Nov 2019
  4. World Wide Wounds
  5. Wound Healing Society

Manufacturers Pressure Mapping Systems

  1. Pressure Profile Systems, Inc.
  2. Boditrak
  3. Novel
  4. Tekscan
  5. Xsensor
Last Updated: May 31, 2021